The Great Egg Hunt Has Arrived To The Binscape!


Hey Weevils! Egg-cellent news… the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived to the Binscape! The Great Egg Hunt is OUT NOW and it’s Bin-tastic, find all the 9 weevily eggs around the Binscape to earn an eggclusive Easter pack, Bin Tycoon members can collect exclusive rewards too! egg locationsTo start the Easter hunt, hop over to the Shopping Mall and click the sign! Struggling to find all the Easter eggs around the Binscape? No need to worry, you can watch my helpful video below:

Great find, you found an egg! Learn more?

easter egg 3

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Bin Weevils Magazine Issue #26 COMING SOON

Hello Bin Weevils!

Spring has sprung and the warm weather has all Bin Weevils jumping for joy! The all-new Bin Weevils Magazine issue #26 is in stores NEXT WEEK and it looks so Bin-tastic, packed full of spring activities and fun, codes, secrets and Bin news!

Also in this issue you can have a look at some Bin-credible Spring Easter nest rooms and lovely gardens, Spring has surly come!

bw_mag26Plus, this issue is packed full of weevily puzzles! Spring fun and so much more is awaiting for you, Bin Weevils fans be sure to pick up the Bin Weevils Magazine which is on sale April 28th for 5,000 Mulch, 10 Dosh, 2 exclusive nest items & more! Happy Spring!

Want to learn more about the Bin-tastic Bin Weevils Magazine? Why not click here to visit the Mag Site? You can also play a wicked game and take a Bin-tastic quiz!

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Happy St George’s Day Bin Weevils!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Happy St George’s Day everybody! People across the world will be celebrating today, well I say celebrating Bin Weevils aren’t but moving on, have a nice day!

ST1DID YOU KNOW? The legendary St George is famous for slaying a ferocious dragon. You can meet a dragon in the Binscape, too… but he’s friendly, so you definitely won’t need a sword. Weevil on over to Castle Gam and see if you can spot Gam’s pet dragon, Colin!

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Happy Earth Day Everybody!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Happy Earth Day everybody! Today is Earth Day and today is the perfect chance for you to get involved in a variety of eco-friendly activities to help the earth! You could plant some seeds, recycle something or even pick up some rubbish around your local area!

wwTo celebrate pop over to Nestco to buy some Bin-tastic Earth Day nest items or why not enter the new code to pick up your free Recycled Cardboard Sofa?  Weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine or at the bottom of your screen and enter: EARTHDAY2014

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LAST WEEK For The Big Weevily Wonder Egg Hunt

join inIt’s your last chance to join in The Big Weevily Wonder Egg Hunt! You’ve only got until Friday to find all the eggs! Find them all in number order and then submit your Easter ticket as YOU could win a 1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP CODE! Hurry - click here.

Easter Puzzle Challenge Solution- 21st April 2014- New Code For XP & Mulch!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Struggling to solve the Easter puzzle on the What’s New Blog? Don’t worry we’ve solved it for you! This Easter hop over to the Mystery Code Machine at Lab’s Labs or at the bottom of your screen enter this code:


xpFor even more Bin Weevils codes, please visit our Secret Codes page which has XP, Mulch and nest item codes! Once we know a new code, we will always update our fantastic page.

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Have You Joined In The Clarks Adventure Fun?

Hello Bin Weevils!

The biggest adventure to come to the Binscape is here! Head over to Slam’s Party Box to check out the brand new Clarks Adventure, there’s loads of fun games to play! Complete your key to earn exclusive nest items, to complete the key find key parts around camp and earn 3 stars on all games!

yumWhy not join in the fun? Complete all the fun games and earn 1 star to go to the next game or area! The hang out area and clarks camp is very fun and the games are Bin-tastic too, share your thoughts in the comments area.

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All About: The Shopping Mall!

Hello readers,

If you’re looking for an item to decorate your nest with, or if you just want to purchase a nest room, the Shopping Mall is the place to be! In this post, I’ll be showing you the different shops, Nestco, Bin Pet Shop, Garden Shop/Plots and Rigg’s Property Shop



Nestco is the place to be when searching for a brilliant nest item. Whatever you need, it’ll be there!

Bin Pet Shop:


If you’ve just became a Bin Tycoon member, I’d suggest visiting this shop. You can adopt a Bin Pet, and train it to be your best pal!

becomeTycoon_button2 (1)


Garden Plots and Garden Shop:


If you’re looking to expand your garden, or wish to buy some garden items, these shops are for you!

becomeTycoon_button2 (1)


Rigg’s Property Shop:


The best place to buy a new nest room or plaza is Rigg’s Property Shop!

becomeTycoon_button2 (1)

Well, thank you for reading this post, and I hope you know a lot more about the Shopping Mall. Have a Happy Easter everyone! :D