The Great Egg Hunt Has Arrived To The Binscape!


Hey Weevils! Egg-cellent news… the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived to the Binscape! The Great Egg Hunt is OUT NOW and it’s Bin-tastic, find all the 9 weevily eggs around the Binscape to earn an eggclusive Easter pack, Bin Tycoon members can collect exclusive rewards too! egg locationsTo start the Easter hunt, hop over to the Shopping Mall and click the sign! Struggling to find all the Easter eggs around the Binscape? No need to worry, you can watch my helpful video below:

Great find, you found an egg! Learn more?

easter egg 3

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Weevily Wonder Blog Awards: Winner Is…

Weevily wow, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The Weevily Wonder Blog Awards have closed and you can no longer vote until next year, it’s time to announce the winner! The winner of the Weevily Wonder Blog Awards is…

bwc winnerA big weevily congrats to Bin Weevil Company for winning the Weevily Wonder Blog Awards! You had over 100 votes and you’ve earned an EPIC award for your blog, fab work!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted! We had a whopping 1,000 votes and even more, the Weevily Wonder Blog Awards shall return next year bigger than ever before, thanks for voting everyone!

‘’Win 10 DOSH Competition’’~ Winner Reveal!

Hello Weevily Wonder viewers! 



Weevily Wonder’s Easter ‘’Win 10 DOSH coins code’’ competition has now closed. I would like to thank everyone who has participated by entering in this competition.

All 17 entries have been placed in a hat and have been randomly selected by MissPretty.

So without further ado,… The random lucky winner of this time’s 10 DOSH coins code competition is…….



Well done Twisted – ~ you have won 10 DOSH coins !~ Please can you leave a reply to confirm your e-mail address, so I can send you the 10 DOSH coins code!

Once again, thank you for everyone who entered this time’s 10 DOSH competition.

Stay tuned to Weevily Wonder for another chance to win 10 DOSH coins very soon!

SuperAwesome Teams Up With Bin Weevils

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils has grown since they opened in 2005, first they were partnered with Nickelodeon and then comes along Bin Weevils without Nickelodeon, and then after that Bin Weevils starts to create products, apps and reaches 20,000,000 players! But many Bin Weevils fans are wondering what is next for Bin Weevils!

1Bin Weevils has now partnered with SuperAwesome,  this is fantastic news because this means Bin Weevils will go up and up and up! SuperAwesome is an advert network and marketing platform for kids and teens, Along with Bin Weevils, Swapit, and Box of Awesome, it has over 70 content partners across mobile, web and online video. The advertising brands it works with include Lego, Warner Bros, Hasbro, Disney, and Nintendo.

So what does this mean? Well today my weevily friends I’m going to give you some exciting news! Bin Weevils is coming to Ipad and Iphone and possibly android! They are busy creating a browser-based world called ‘Weevil World‘ which will be like an app where you can play Bin Weevils on! This is fantastic news!

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! For more info please click here!

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FINAL HOURS TO VOTE In The Weevily Wonder Blog Awards!

The Weevily Wonder Blog Awards end in 5 hours, be sure to head over to the page to vote for your favourite blog before the winner is announced at 5:00PM UK time. All votes will be counted at 12:00PM and voting will close then!

final hourClick this link to cast your vote for the final chance! Stay tuned to Weevily Wonder because at 5:00PM UK time the winner of the Weevily Wonder Blog Awards will be announced, exciting! We’ve had a whooping 1,000 votes in total!

*All voting closes at 12:00PM UK time, the winner will be announced at 5:00PM UK time right here on Weevily Wonder.

Reminder: ‘Win 10 DOSH coins code’ competition & The WW Blog Awards ending tommorow!

Hiya Weevily Wonder viewers!


This is a quick post to inform you all Weevily Wonder blog viewers, that this time’s ”Win 10 DOSH coins code”, will be closing midday tomorrow (Thursday 17 April at 12:00p.m.) ~ So please ensure you have entered before the closing date and time, as any entries made after the closing date and time will not be counted.

lastAlso, this year’s Weevily Wonder Blog Awards voting page will be closing midday tomorrow (Thursday 17 April 2014) at 12:00PM (GMT time), so what you are waiting for?

If you haven’t done your vote,  for your FAVOURITE blog, click on this link to VOTE NOW! The winning blog with the highest amount of votes will earn an EPIC award for their blog!

 ~ MissPretty xx (Editor on Weevily Wonder)

Tink And Clott In The Binscape

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow! Today has to be a fantastic day, first I met Scribbles and then James and some other Bin Weevils moderators and now guess what? The only Tink and Clott, they were so kind! It’s true, Nest Inspector, Tink, Clott are now visiting the Binscape!

CLOTT CLOTT1Isn’t this a Bin-tastic day? Keep an eye out because today Bin Weevils friends will be visiting the Binscape to celebrate the brand new Dosh’s Palace look! Click here to view my post about the winner.

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Dosh’s Palace Easter Competition Winner

Hello Bin Weevils!

DP_winner_top_imageEaster is just around the corner and a few weeks ago Bin Weevils hosted yet again the Dosh’s Palace Easter Competition where you could create your own Easter design by printing out the template! Today just before Easter the winner has been announced…

winnerA big weevily well done to Smallnonny88 for winning! Smallnonny88′s weevily Easter design is now on display at Dosh’s Palace, what a fab design and winner! I’m sure all your entries were egg-cellent  must of been hard for Bin Weevils HQ!

Today Scribbles and friends will be visiting Dosh’s Palace and we got some pictures of Scribbles and other Bin Weevils moderators:

scribblesjamesGENEWow it was such a fab time! Be sure to log in and check out the cool new Easter look for Dosh’s Palace, leave your thoughts of the brand new look in the comments section below, HAPPY EASTER!

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PSST: The Big Scribbles Hunt COMING SOON!

Bin-credible news! Something BIG something HUNT-TASTIC and something CLUE-TASTIC is landing on Weevily Wonder next month, we’re not going to say more but rumors say THE BIG SCRIBBLES HUNT is arriving right here 10th May!

the big scibbles hunt starts mayCan you solve the clues and find Scribbles daily? Get ready for a brand new adventure arriving soon… leave your thoughts in the comments area below! Don’t forget, the Weevily Wonder Blog Awards ends tomorrow;  simply click here to vote.