Vote Bin Weevils In The BAFTA Kids’ Vote!

Hello Bin Weevils!

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Bin Weevils has been nominated for a BAFTA! If you’re a huge Bin Weevils fan, please make sure you vote for Bin Weevils in the BAFTA Kids’ Vote! After you’ve voted for Bin Weevils you can collect THREE exclusive items for your nest!

You can now vote for Bin Weevils for favourite website by clicking this link!


Cast your vote by picking all your favourites in the four categories to unlock some awesome rewards!  Be sure to choose Bin Weevils in the website category! Download the Bin Weevils Certificate at the end & collect THREE exclusive nest items!

The royal chair, BAFTA helicopter & BAFTA trophy are this year's rewards. Vote Bin Weevils to earn them! 21.10.14

The royal chair, BAFTA hi-tech robot, & BAFTA trophy are this year’s rewards.  You can collect these Bin-tastic rewards by voting Bin Weevils in this year’s BAFTA Kids’ Vote! 

We hope everyone can vote Bin Weevils as their favourite website! Be sure to keep on voting & sharing all the BAFTA Kids’ Vote buzz with your Bin buddies!

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Don’t Miss Out! Stay Tuned To Weevily Wonder!

Hello Bin Weevils!

With so much happening in-game right now, it’s easy to miss things!

Make sure you don’t miss any key updates by staying tuned to Weevily Wonder! Weevily Wonder authors will be updating Weevily Wonder everyday with Halloween news & Binscape gossip. The Halloween Party at Flem Manor is now open which means more new things will be arriving to the Binscape!


A weevily-spooky header cover from Bin Weevils’ Twitter account. Yay! I love Halloween! Did you know Bin Weevils have nearly reached 2,000 followers on Twitter? A great achievement, Bin Weevils Team!

As well as key updates, we’re cover all  What’s New Blog posts. It’s not just Halloween! Every day Weevily Wonder publishes Bin-tastic posts for you to enjoy! I hope you enjoy our future posts! You’ll always find the best scoop right here on Weevily Wonder.

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween – on 31st October – enjoy trick or treating & stay safe. Comment your spooktacular plans in the comments section below this post.

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Fan Spotted: ChangeMyUsernam!

Hey Bin Weevils!

Guess what? While I was meeting the new Weevil Of The Week, I came across a Weevily Wonder fan! Meet ChangeMyUsernam!

Weevily wonder fan


How awesome is that? It’s great to see that Weevily Wonder has much a big fan base, and you can bump into a fan at anytime! I would like to thank ChangeMyUsernam for supporting Weevily Wonder, and the rest of Weevil Digital!

While i’m here, I would just like to say that Bin Weevils TV Launches TOMORROW! Make Sure to stay tuned to @BinWeevilsTV and the Bin Weevils TV Blog for updates on the exact time of launch!

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New Bin Map Is Coming Soon

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils have been nominated in this year’s BAFTA Kids Awards and they have produce an updated video to promote them. When we checked out the video on the BAFTA website, it showed a weevily sneak peek at the new Bin Map! Rumours have been going around for some while now and we can confirm that a new-look map is to be added to the game soon.

Featured image

The footage of the new map shows the relocation of current Bin areas, such as the Shopping Mall, Rum’s Airport/Tum’s Diner, Dirt Valley and Tink’s Tree. Also, we can clearly see that one path at Nest Street will connect to Flum’s Fountain, whilst another will give us direct access to Rigg’s Movie Multiplex. We’ve spotted one Bin-tastic new area, too! If you look closely at the bottom of the map, there is a brand new lake with a bridge connecting both sides. What do you think this could be? Be sure to share your ideas in the comments section on this post!

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Weevily Wonder In The National Bin Weevils Blog Awards!

vote-weeviywonderWe’re delighted to announce Weevily Wonder has been nominated in the National Bin Weevils Blog Awards! To win, we need all our blog viewers to vote for Weevily Wonder. Click here to cast your vote!

Weevily Wonder has been open for almost a year & we’ve loved every second of it! Thank you so much to all our blog viewers! You all make Weevily Wonder the best blog out there by commenting,  viewing & supporting! We couldn’t of done it without YOU!

After you’ve voted for us, please be sure to comment why you voted Weevily Wonder…

ww team



NEW Halloween Pumpkin Hat Available At Hem’s Hats!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Hem’s Hats has just got even more spookier! Be sure to purchase the all-new Grinning Pumpkin hat for 60 Dosh coins. This hat is just right for Halloween & it’s the perfect complement to any spooky Bin Weevil look!

pimDon’t forget – the Wonderful Witches Competition is still running! Wear any spooky hat this Halloween for a chance to win a free Halloween poster for your nest! There’s a creepy selection of Halloween hats available in Hem’s Hats right now!

Happy Halloween, weevily friends. Be sure to stay tuned to Weevily Wonder throughout the Halloween half-term for spooky news & fun! The Halloween Party is about to get even more spookier too…

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Sport Your Spooky Style & Win!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Calling all weevily witches & wizards! Be sure to wear any spooky hat around the Binscape for a chance to earn a weevily-awesome prize! If you’re spotted you’ll earn a Bin-tastic Halloween Poster for your nest!

Witches hats are now on 50% sale during this Halloween!


Have you got your spooky style yet? Be sure to visit Hem’s Hats to purchase some spook-tastic hats for your Bin Weevil. You can also give your Bin Weevil a spooky colour change inside the Bin Weevil Changer! Happy Halloween, weevily friends!

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