BREAKING NEWS: Fun House to come this year!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Wow, what a year it has been since the Summer Fair 2013 a year ago! We have all treasured memories with our Bin Buddies since the amusing days of the Summer Fair, playing awesome games, earning tokens, spending time with your best friends and lots, lots more! For another year running, the Summer Fair is returning! How weevily awesome is that?


In a recent What’s New blog post, Scribbles interviewed Rigg about the Summer Fair! There were plenty of clues about the Summer Fair this year during their cheeky conversation and beware that there could be spoilers. In one section of the interview, Rigg explained that a fun house would be coming this year, with plenty of fun for Bin Tycoon Members!

“Bin Tycoons are going to have a lot of fun in that house.

That house… of fun.” – Rigg


Does sound very interesting, I bet its going to be weevily amazing! As well as that, it has been revealed that there will be games for Bin Pets, one clue was found when Rigg asked how good Scribbles’ Bin Pet, Doodle, is good at jumping. Hm…could we have some trampoline game for Bin Pets?! Only time could wait! Plus, Rigg even mentioned that the Nest Inspector was planning a delivery of new nest items for the Claw Machine, as well as a Super Antenna Tent! What else would you want now?! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Weevily Wonder as we will be bringing you all the latest news about this year’s awesome Summer Fair. Let us know what you think about the interview in the comments area on this post!

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Weevily Wonder – Under New Managment!

wwWeevily Wonder has become a big Bin Weevils blog since December 2013, sadly I have to leave Bin Weevils and move on to bigger things therefore I will no longer be the owner of Weevily Wonder. Thank you for a wonderful time, weevily friends.

Tum103, the new owner of Weevily Wonder will be making some changes and will make sure Weevily Wonder is the best blog out there. For now, and for the last time. Goodbye.

BIN BUZZ: Could we have an upper floor to our nests?

Hello Bin Weevils!

When visiting the main site, if you looked into the main photo in full depth, you may have seen a very different image to a nest in Bin Weevils! Recently, I was just about to leave the main site to the login page when I noticed the one thing that caught my eye – a normal, average nest with TWO upper floors! From your garden in your nest, you can see just one window at the top, but TWO more windows?! Could this mean that a new upper floor will be created in our nests?

Could the three more windows hint that a new upper floor will be created?

Could the three more windows hint that a new upper floor will be created?

This does certainly hint that something could be coming, otherwise why would they create a nest with extra windows that’s not even in-game? What do you think, weevily friends? Be sure to let us know your opinions in the comments area on this post!

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Summer Fair: Sneak Peek

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow! Scribbles has posted a super sneak peek of this year’s Summer Fair over on the What’s New Blog! We can see by the sneak peek that they’ll be a fun house which Scribbles mentioned on The Bin Weevils Radio Show! Take a look:

sffI can’t wait for the Summer Fair! It looks really awesome, and different. It looks like well be able to purchase prizes, and play our old favourite games too! Be sure to stay tuned for updates & news about the Summer Fair 2014 on Weevily Wonder.

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