This Christmas on Bin Weevils!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow, it’s almost Christmas and Bin Weevils are getting ready for the festive month! During Christmas, there’s going to be many festive events going on in the Binscape! Winter Wonderland is COMING SOON, and I can’t wait! The Binscape will also be covered in snow just for December!

This Christmas we will also be able to collect a special move, join the festive snowman hunt, complete an SWS mission, and much more! Weevily wow. December is going to be a Bin-tastic month!

To view Bin Weevils post all about the below highlights, click this link.



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post 6Be sure to stay tuned for any Christmas news and updates. Are you excited for Christmas in the Binscape? Leave your weevily thoughts in the comments section. I can feel this year is going to be a very, very special Christmas!

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New in-game Dosh reward feature!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Whist logging into Bin Weevils this morning, I spotted something new next to the News Tablet. There’s a brand new feature which allows you to earn Dosh easily. Click the new video menu button and watch the video to earn a Dosh reward!

This is a great new feature because now all Bin Weevils can earn Dosh easily! Once you’ve watched all available videos, the button will disappear and will appear again when a new video is available.

New in-game feature

Click this shiny new button to watch your video and earn 1 Dosh. There’s 3 videos to watch daily so that means 3 Dosh for you!

There is only a few available videos to watch daily. This feature will now allow you non-members and Bin Tycoon members save up their Dosh easily.  Psst… save up your Dosh for exclusive hats, items, Bin Bots and much more cool stuff in the Binscape!

What do you think of this new feature? Let me know in the comments area below. I know the videos are all promotional, but it’s quite nice to see this feature land in the Binscape!

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Pencil Hat ON SALE NOW & Flash Sale!

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Pencil Hat has arrived in Hem’s Hats! The sales have hit the Binscape and this weekend you can purchase the Pencil Hat for 20% off! Black Friday has sure hit the Binscape. Be sure to head to Hem’s Hats inside Dosh’s Palace to grab your new hat!

hems hatsHead to Hem’s Hats to add the weevily Pencil Hat to your cool collection! This hat is perfect when writing your Bin Weevil magazines. Hurry to Hem’s Hats inside Dosh’s Palace this WEEKEND to grab this hat for 40 Dosh! The special sale won’t last forever.

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Hello Bin Weevils!

Whist the Nest Inspector was roaming the Binscape, Bin Weevils spotted him wearing a BRAND NEW Pencil Hat! This hat will be perfect when writing your weevily magazines! Weevily wow, this hat looks Bin-tastic! Hem sure is adding a new range of different hats to her cool collection!

Are you excited to wear this super stylish head gear?

Can YOU spot Nest Inspector wearing the weevily wicked new hat?

Can YOU spot Nest Inspector wearing the weevily wicked new hat?

Be sure to stay tuned to the What’s New Blog and Weevily Wonder for a scoop once the Bin-tastic Pencil Hat is released at Hem’s Hats! Are you excited for this weevily wicked hat? Share your thoughts in the commenting area! Thank you.

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Dosh’s Palace Christmas Design Competition!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Entries are now open for Dosh’s Palace Christmas Design Competition! Make your creative side go wild and get designing a festive Dosh’s Palace design for Christmas! The winning festive design will be featured in-game and the winner will receive an exclusive nest item pack with 50 Dosh!

compClick here to find out how you can send in your weevily entries over on the What’s New Blog. Look out for more weevily Christmas fun on the What’s New Blog! Psst… be sure to get ready for Christmas with a weevily festive Bin Weevil look!

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Watch Bin Weevils at the BAFTA Kids’ Vote!

Hello Bin Weevils!

You can now watch Bin Weevils collect their BAFTA Kids’ Vote award at the BAFTA Children’s Award 2014. Bin Weevils won the best kids’ website category which is amazing! The Bin Weevils Team must be very happy to have such loyal fans!

Bin Weevils have won the BAFTA Kids’ Vote for 4 years running which is a record! Another huge weevily congratulations to the Bin Weevils Team! Don’t forget to redeem this special BAFTA codes from Bin Weevils to say thanks to their weevily fantastic voters!

Weevil on to the Mystery Code Machine outside Lab’s Labs and enter: BAFTA4BW2014 for a FREE BAFTA portrait, and enter: THANKYOU2014 for FREE BAFTA balloons! Join the Bin-tastic celebration!

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Traditional Japanese nest items available for everyone!

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Bin-tastic Traditional Japanese nest items are now available for all Bin Weevils! Head to Nestco inside the Shopping Mall to start purchasing the Traditional Japanese nest items set! These items make the perfect Japanese style for your nest rooms!

Psst… Bin Tycoon members received early access to the Traditional Japanese nest items! Become a Bin Tycoon for many Bin-credible features. If you wasn’t a Bin Tycoon member when these nest items were released, be sure to purchase them today!

now avaThe Bin-tastic PayPoint PayPoint Clott Origami item would go nicely with the Japanese nest items. Stay tuned to the What’s New Blog for a new weevily competition coming soon, where you can get your hands on the origami nest item!

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