Tum103 joins Weevily Wonder!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Great news…Chip8967 has invited me to his amazing new blog, Weevily Wonder! I would like to thank my best buddy for allowing me to join here as an admin and I am very sad about the loss of Weekly Weevil Blog. Despite the fact hopes are low that his previous blog can be restored, Chip has now created this fantastic new blog! I will be working with him to provide all the latest Bin Weevils news, reviews, exclusive headlines and so much more coming on your way! Don’t know who I am? Here’s a little bit about me…

Hello, my name is Tum103 and I am a Bin Weevils blogger reporting all the latest Bin Weevils news since April 2013! I am a Bin Tycoon, who has a Bin Pet named Lewis and a magazine named ‘THE WEEVILY SCOOP!’ I enjoy to chat with my Bin Buddies, decorate my nest and most importantly create weekly issues of my magazine! Unfortunately, my Bin Buddy List is full, so please do not ask me to be your buddy. However, of course, I will be able to have a chat with you if I am available! Finally, I also host many events including Weevils Got Talent, a very popular event! Keep Weeviling, my weevily friends!

I am looking forward to the future of this blog and I hope you all enjoy my posts coming very soon!

Happy Holidays!

Tum103…Please like, share and re-blog this post!


15 thoughts on “Tum103 joins Weevily Wonder!

  1. Tum has always been in the team! I couldn’t have done it without him, we are going to create this blog good buddy! I always have to add you. 🙂 And you can create your pages, I’m sorry they got deleted.


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