You might remember me …

Hello Weevils!

Some of you may know me from WWB, But for those who didn’t get the chance to view WWB my name is Marvellous-Mark and I’m the newest author here on Weevily Wonder.

First I’d like to thank Chip8967 for adding me to his newest blog ” Weevily Wonder” This is another fabulous opportunity for me to work alongside bloggers that didn’t work on WWB.

For those who are just starting to find out about me I now make edits so be sure to keep tuned to see those.

Now I am going to tell you about my Old Bin memories. Well I Have played Bin Weevils Since 2008 so Ive had many weevils such as TwizzlerCudd, Caramel and many more. I don’t remember KOTB but I remember the daily crown, Inks, Kips and Peel Park.

Well This is the end of my introduction post but don’t worry I will be Posting once again on Weevily Wonder.


Marvellous Mark… Please like, share and re-blog.


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