2 New Codes From Scribbles!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Scribbles the Bin’s best reporter has given us some bonus secret codes to enter at the Secret Code Machine, I love these codes and I think it’s very generous of Scribbles don’t you? These codes are perfect for a Scribbles themed Christmas room, and you also get a snowman garden item too. Enter the codes below at the Secret Code Machine at Lab’s Labs:


scribbles posterCHILL

code chillThese codes are brilliant, I think the snowman garden item is the best code I’ve ever entered at Lab’s Labs. Bin Tycoon members can pick up the smaller snowman with this code: SNOWDAY423  

Need more Bin Weevils secret codes for XP, Mulch, and nest items?. Take a weevily visit to our Secret Codes page it has the full list of Bin Weevils secret codes updated daily.

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