It’s Boxing Day!

Hello Bin Weevils! 

Happy Boxing Day weevils! Christmas has ended but we would love to hear what you got this year, and some really good news is that we’ve nearly reached 1,000 views! Wow, that’s really good because we haven’t been open for a while. Enjoy you’re boxing day dinner and have a happy day.

boxing day morning postLeave your thoughts in the comments area! You’ve still got until Friday to enjoy our festive Christmas blog theme! Psst: Don’t forget to enter our NEW competition, all you need to do is LIKE us on Facebook (if you’re 13 and over) and you will be entered into a draw to win a 1 month membership code. Click here

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37 thoughts on “It’s Boxing Day!

  1. Hi Chip 🙂 Have you noticed the recent What’s New blog post which is about Weevil Weekly Round-Up? It said on the first picture that it is a Friday round up, but it’s Thursday! I’m really confused!


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