Please Keep Viewing!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weekly Weevil Blog had over 30,000 views, but sadly got deleted! I would love Weevily Wonder to be like Weekly Weevil Blog, we are so close until we reach 1,000 views and make sure you keep on viewing & share this site with your friends and family.

At me officeAuthors are expected to post after the busy holiday, please may all Authors start posting brilliant Bin Weevils news and content, we need your support to reach 1,000 views! We’ve also got a very exciting NEW feature for you which will be posted tomorrow. We hoped you enjoyed your Christmas, if possible remember to like each post and page via the like button and share on social sites via the social site buttons. 

Make sure you make us your best fan site! Got a suggestion for us? Please leave your suggestions in the comments area.

Chip8967… Please like, share and re-blog!


28 thoughts on “Please Keep Viewing!

  1. Dear my Best Buddy chip,
    Since I have quit all blogs I would really want to work on one of the best binweevil blog weevily Wonder. I will do amazing new edits, posts, pages for a editor role and more
    What will I post.
    I will be posting my own featured what’s new blog post and some more weevily stuff around the
    Thanks Chip Good look in 1000 views im sure to help.


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