Happy Weevily Friday!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Whoop, whoop! It’s Friday, this week on Bin Weevils has been fantastic, meeting new Bin buddies, spending time with my little pal best and also decorating my nest! Christmas has just ended and I hope readers had a fantastic day! This is a brand new feature to Weevily Wonder!

buddy of the week 29_dec13

Congratulations to Tum103 for winning this week’s Buddy Of The Week, buddies always make the Bin much better and they are the most important thing in the Binscape. I choose a new winner each week, want to be here? If your my buddy, come and find me and ask.


Weevily wow! We’re kicking of the new year with a Bin-tastic Blog Award, soon you’re be able to vote for your favourite Bin Weevils fan site on the new page! The blog with the most votes will win a fantastic award to show off on their blog, are you ready? 

new years celebration 29th_dec13As you probably have gathered from this mornings post, our new years celebration is about to start! Oh my it’s fantastic, I can tell you that there will be a BIN-TASTIC competition to win some bonus Dosh & Mulch! We will also have a brilliant theme!

new bin weevil look 29th_dec13Christmas had ended and I had a fantastic Bin Weevil Christmas look, now I’ve updated & changed my main look to the one pictured above! Much better and more me, don’t forget that I change my look on occasions, but it will always go back to my main one!

video of the week

Check out this wicked video… 

Better get off now, best needs his feeding. Goodbye friends and see you next time for some more awesome posts right here on Weevily Wonder! Also come back next week for the Weevily Friday post for some special news.

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