2013 In The Bin – I Need Your Help!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, I did!

It’s almost 2014! 2013 as been a great year for Bin Weevils, the Super Antenna Quest, The Summer Fair etc. So, to honour a great year in Bin Weevils, I want t make a ’2013 In The Bin!’ Video, showcasing the whole year. I got this idea for ‘YouTube Rewind 2013 – What Does 2013 Say?’ so I’m thinking of calling it ‘Bin Weevils Rewind 2013 – What Does The Bin Say?’ Or Something like that.

I need your help! I need all your images, videos, music and thoughts about 2013 in the bin. You can comment below with the links, email me at mackied@themuddytimes.co.uk, tweet me at @MackiedBW or @MuddyTimes or any way you can find me.

Please get back to me quickly, as it’s almost the new year!

I want to get it out on New Years Eve/Day.

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