Top Tip: Make Sure You Open Your Plaza For EXTRA Mulch!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Struggling to earn Mulch?  Don’t worry we suggest if you are a Bin Tycoon open your plaza by the pad lock in your plaza, then other weevils will be able to visit your Bin-tastic plaza from the plaza booth outside the Shopping Mall. Visitors will also earn XP too! Weevils who visit your plaza will be able to party in your nightclubs and take fabulous photos.

plaza tips- mulch

Make sure your plaza is perfect for your guests, always make sure it’s packed and wicked for guests because the more they stay the more XP they will gain, and the more Mulch you get! To access this feature, you need to join the Tycoon experience of being a Bin Tycoon member! 

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