Tink and Clott’s Mysterious Week! (Story)

Hello Weevils! 

Its Mark here,  and Today I introduce my first ever story for a blog, Tink and Clott’s Mysterious Week! Enjoy the story.

Long Long ago, In a bin called Slime lived two best friends called Tink and Clott. But one week they had a mysterious week and you might of guessed that’s where our story begins.

Just after the bin war had started Tink and Clott didn’t go to very much places because of the air raids but one day they decided to go out and look around themselves.  ”TINK AND CLOTT GET IN YOUR NEST, YOU DO KNOW THERES A WAR ON” shouted Gam. ” But there’s no air raids so we’re out for fresh air” said Clott. ” All right then but when you hear the siren get to your nests and pull the curtains” said Gam. ” But can’t the WEB see everything with those cameras?” asked Tink.  ” Not if its dark” Said Gam. ” Ok we’re errm just going down that hole” said Clott. ” No your not because nobody has ever been down there” said Gam.  ” I’ve to go now so no messing” Said Gam and ran of.  ”Lets go into the hole Tink” said Clott.  ”Ok” said Tink.  ” Its quite dark down here” said Clott. ”AHHH did you just touch me?” asked Tink ” No Tink” said Clott in reply to Tink.  ”AAHHH The Siren!” Shouted Tink.

Find out in Part 2 if they escape and get to close the black outs before its too Late!

Click Here To Play Bin Weevils!

Click Here To Play Bin Weevils!

Marvellous Mark …. Please like, share and re-blog


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