Bin Raffle!

Hello Weevils!

As tonight is New Years Eve I would like to host a bin raffle tonight at Chips Party ( If he allows me)! Tonight I will be on a weevil Called Harry_xD as I lost chat forever on Mark! As there is a short amount of time to buy tickets for this bin tastic raffle we have an offer ”Buy 1 Get 2 Free.  All 3 winners will be selected from a hat to make it fair. And For all Staff of Weevily Wonder and Bin Weevils Encyclopedia There will be a suprise if you attend.

Ticket Price: Free

Ticket Maximum: 6 Tickets Per Weevil!

Prize 1: Bin Tycoon For a month!

Prize 2: 5000 Mulch

Prize 3:  Main Actor in my next film for youtube!

Anyone who would like to buy tickets must comment on this post including your email and amount of tickets.

Forgot all the details to Chips Party? Well I’ve put them on this post just below this writing.

Tickets Can be bought on site only for the 3rd Prize!

You don’t have to turn up tonight as long you have left your email address so we can email you if you win!

Marvellous Mark …. Please like, share and re-blog.


35 thoughts on “Bin Raffle!

  1. Can I buy 6 tickets please? I really need a membership for my other account and 5000 mulch is great please call me sam on Bin Weevils because samfay dose not go in chat 😀


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