Weevils Got Talent 2014 – Event date & information!

Hello Bin Weevils!

weevils got talent

After month’s of preparation, Weevils Got Talent 2014 is nearly here! I would like to thank everyone for sending in applications to take part and I am weevily looking forward to the big day! I have set the event date and created a plaza room for it, as well as an article about it in my latest magazine issue of THE WEEVILY SCOOP! From dancing, to comedy, we will have a whole line-up of fantastic acts performing to us, battling between each other to win the GRAND PRIZE! Weevils Got Talent is nearly here, so here are the details…

Date: Saturday 4th January 2014

Time: 18:00PM – 18:30PM

Meeting Point: Flum’s Fountain

Notes: Once all weevils have arrived and accepted the nest invitation, please enter my plaza and enter ‘WGT VENUE’. The show awaits you there!

If you are interested in watching the show, then feel free to come along! Remember, arrive on time to be sure you have a place to watch it!

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please can all acts arrive before 18:00PM, so that the show can be organised quickly and efficiently. If you claim to have sent an application, but you have not, you will not be able to watch or participate in this event. All events are registered to Tum’s Show Productions, any false credits of hosting the event shall not be accepted, and could have further action taken. Any rude or bad behaviour during the show shall not be accepted and will be reported to the Bin Weevils moderation team. No distributions will be accepted, so please be careful during the show. By any chance, do not reveal any personal information or insult the acts about how well they performed – everybody has a talent.

I hope you enjoy the event, and please make sure you have read the terms & conditions above for rules and more.

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