I’ve Found Something Interesting!

Hello Bin Weevils! 

Last night I was searching the web for some Bin Weevils backgrounds for my desktop and I came across this nice advertisement for Bin Weevils, I went onto the image page to have a look so I read the advertisement and notice a bottom image, it had Bin Weevils information such us, email, phone number, awards partners and the I come across something big…

Look at this image below and make sure weevily friends you look at the bottom…

Please do not copy this image.
Please do not copy this image.

Have you spotted it friends? Well at the bottom it clearly says ” MOBILE AND TABLET EXPANSION COMING SPRING 2014” this sounds very interesting and Spring isn’t a long way to go! Hopefully soon we will be able to play Bin Weevils on our tablets and mobiles.

I also learned some new things about Bin Weevils, did you know? Membership cards are available in the U.S now! I didn’t even know that.

Please note: This image was produced back in July 2013, Bin Weevils has won the Bafta Kids’ Vote in 2013 too. 

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