Bin Buzz: The Nestige Range!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here is the latest from the Bin Weevils ‘What’s New Blog’:


Scribbles: Hiya, friends! I’m here with the Nest Inspector, who’s soon to be launching his own range of prestigious nest items. These Bin-tastic Nestige items will be guaranteed to boost your nest coolness…wow!  So tell us, Nest Inspector, what inspired you to create your new range?

Nest Inspector: Well, it’s quite simple really! I love beautiful nests! I thought about what kinds of items I’d like to see in an award-winning nest and then I got started designing them. The first one will be out soon!

Scribbles: How will you decide what kinds of items to design, and how do you know what will make a nest room look great?

Nest Inspector: I get my inspiration everywhere – from books and magazines, from the Binscape around me, from amazing architecture like Dosh’s Palace…and, of course, from what I hear among my fans. My fans’ opinion about what makes a great nest is very important.

Scribbles: Luckily, a lot of them read the What’s New Blog! Let’s ask them!

Dear readers, what do YOU think makes a nest room amazing? The perfect nest item combo? The ideal colour scheme? One brilliant centrepiece that catches the eye?

Tell Weevil Wonder your  nest decorating tips and advice below!

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