Where is Chip8967?

Hello Bin Weevils!

As you may be aware of, Chip8967 has been reported to not have been on Bin Weevils or WordPress for nearly a week. The answer to why this unexpected situation has happened is still not known, however we are hoping that he returns soon. Until he returns, I shall be keeping track of Weevily Wonder and keeping it up to date. As well as that, our fantastic team of Bin Weevil bloggers will also be posting about all the latest news and gossip from around the Binscape.

If you know what has happened or why Chip8967 isn’t on for a while, please contact me at tum103binweevils@outlook.com. Thank you.

Stay tuned to Weevily Wonder for all the usual Bin Weevils news coming your way and more!

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33 thoughts on “Where is Chip8967?

    • I think that he has left Bin Weevils and moved onto Moshi Monsters. I have seen some un-published posts saying that he will leave and all that, which were last edited on January 19th 2014.


  1. Guys don’t worry I’m fine its coz my broadband has gone until friday and I shall be back thanks so much to u all btw on my phone so happy you have updated this blog


  2. His broadband hasn’t gone. He’s probably taking a break from blogging. Also, he could also be in court for swearing towards hf556 on his website, Bin Weevil Company, changing his name to ‘henry’. To be honest, I don’t like him as much now.


    • He wouldn’t be at court for swearing, it is not illegal. I do not have evidence for whatever he says to others, so I cannot believe you yet.


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