Samfay’s Tycoon Dance Fever Room 2014

Hello Bin Weevils,

Today I will like to show you my Tycoon Dance Fever Room!

Here it is what do you think there are more Tycoon Dance stuff coming soon!

This week’s free gift is the… Club Fling floor!

Also today in the Weevil Weekly Round Up Post it says this.

Bin builder Rigg has been spotted several times at Club Fling, making measurements and carrying in loads of supplies. The rumours are confirmed: Club Fling is getting a new look!

If you have a look at the pic you can see its the same as The Tycoon Dance Fever Room so that means you can party in your nest room that looks like Club Fling!

And remember to head over to Hem’s Hats and get your Dance Hat for 80 dosh.

…Samfay Please Like, Share and re-blog!


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