Did You Know? Bin Pets Rule!

Bin Pets are awesome! Adopting your Bin Pet gives you the experience of the most funniest feature of the wacky world of Bin Weevils! With your little pal you can learn new Bin-tastic tricks including juggling, cool moves, you can take your Bin Pet around the Binscape with you, and you can also rock around Bin Pets Paradise!

bin pets rock

With Bin Pets you can have so much fun caring for them, buying Bin-tastic nest items & creating their nest room! Bin Pets can also meet new friends around the Binscape, and take your Bin Pet around the Binscape with you so your Bin Pet can show off their cool moves and skills!

This week’s Weekend Puzzle Challenge is a Bin Pet nest item, the Lady Wawa Poster is a perfect nest item to make a Bin Pet nest room for your little pal. To collect your Lady Wawa Poster enter this code at the Secret Code Machine at Lab’s Labs: 534743

lady wawpo

Please visit our secret codes page which has every single Bin Weevils code, including many Bin Pet codes to finish your pet’s room off!


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