Best Nest Issue #73 Review!

Hello Bin Weevils! 

The Nest Inspector has published a new issue of his magazine Best Nest, issue #73 is available right now at Weevil Post! 10 Bin-tastic nest designers have been chosen by the Nest Inspector for you to have a look at, or take inspiration! Keep sending your nest rooms Bin Tycoon members to the Nest Inspector for a chance to be in his magazine, and win an award!


We’ve picked 2 of our most favourite nest rooms inside this super issue, the Nest Inspector is the expert at making nest items! A new issue of Best Nest comes out every single Tuesday!

tipsCome back next Tuesday for the next issue review of Best Nest! Psst: Are you building a room full of ancient artifacts, secret stones and mysteries of old? This wall mosaic is the perfect rare addition! To unlock your Bin Pet Temple Mosaic, find the code inside the Bin Weevils 2014 Annual packed with weevily fun!

oie_transparent (37)


24 thoughts on “Best Nest Issue #73 Review!

  1. Fantastic Best Nest Review Chip! I especially like the edit image you have created in this post, to showcase your two top nest rooms from the latest issue of Best Nest!


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