What Happened To The Bin Bank Of Dosh?

Hello Bin Weevils!

Recently, I have been wondering what has happened to the Bin Bank of Dosh and Tycoon Island. I think Bin Weevils are updating Tycoon Island and that is why all the advertisements are in the way.



What do you think happened? Do you think this is anything to do with the W.E.B, Slosh or something else? Tell me in your comments!





4 thoughts on “What Happened To The Bin Bank Of Dosh?

  1. I think, the Bank Of Dosh is still in Bin Weevils’ files, but it’s kept has ‘CANCELLED’ because they may be finding a way to work it, I think there will be a trading system coming to the Bin soon. 🙂 Great post.


  2. The Bin Bank Of Dosh May not be here because there doing a really good makeover on it and maybe finding out a Trading system like chip said. I agree with Chip (wink)


  3. I think it has nothing to do with those theories. Bin Weevils told a few players that the designers do not know how it will function, but it is possible to come in some months or years. 🙂


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