Bin Mystery: Where’s Scribbles?

Hello Bin Weevils,

Here’s some news from the What’s New Blog!

Breaking news! The Bin’s brightest newshound has gone missing! Scribbles was last spotted at the Club Fling VIP party,  on the dance floor with some fans – check out this fun pic:

After he left Club Fling, reports say Scribbles was seen climbing out of his Bin Garden with a backpack on!

Tink and Clott popped over to the Editor’s Office, wondering if he’d be there working on a story. They found a postcard and map on his desk…but there was no sign of Scribbles himself.

Where do you think Scribbles has gone?  Is he on an adventure? Is he following an epic scoop?

Tell us your theory in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Bin Mystery: Where’s Scribbles?

  1. I know where he is. He has gone exploring out for the next few days. That’s why he was packing up but on other hands I emailed them they said Tink got a invite to his nest and it was empty so maybe he took his nest with him.


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