Chip8967 Meets Scribbles!

Hello Bin Weevils! 

Yesterday, I met the Bin’s best reporter, Scribbles at the new Club Fling! Scribbles writes Weevil Weekly Round-Up on the What’s New Blog and is a Bin Weevils moderator, we sure had a great weevily time, dancing and showing off our weevily dance skills! Scribbles was very kind, and maybe I’ll be in Weevil Weekly Round-Up?

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We will report to our viewers when we meet Scribbles, or another Bin Weevil moderator!

oie_transparent (37)


7 thoughts on “Chip8967 Meets Scribbles!

  1. May I ask a favour? Next time you meet Scribbles, click on his profile and see if his old Weevil Weekly Issues are available via him.

    Oh, and well done on meeting Scribbles! I wish I was there too!


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