Create a rocking Tycoon Dance Fever nest room!

Hello Bin Weevils!

There has been a buzz around the Bin recently and loads music can be heard from miles away…Tycoon Dance Fever is in the Binscape! Now, what’s a better way than celebrating this cool event with a rocking nest room? Get into the groove with a dance-tastic nest rooms, where you can party with your Bin Pet and Bin Buddies!

There are a range of nest items related to parties at Bin Mart and Netsco, so be sure to weevil over there for more! They are weevily great for a dance-themed nest room and I think they will mix quite well with the Tycoon Dance Fever theme. We have also got a selection of Bin-tastic codes over at our Secret Codes page, where you can find some nest items just for your cool nest room!

Here is Tum103's nest room so far. Do you like it?

Here is Tum103’s nest room so far. Do you like it?

TOP TIP: Remember to use the FREE nest items from the Tycoon Dance Fever month promotion, with a new nest item being released each Friday. Collect your weevily cool wallpaper now!

Have you got any suggestions or tips to creating an even better nest room for Tycoon Dance Fever Month? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section on this post!

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34 thoughts on “Create a rocking Tycoon Dance Fever nest room!

  1. Nice room! πŸ˜‰ And Chip, I have been deleted from this blog 😦 Im not sure if it was accidentle but if its perposly then I would like to know why. I haven’t been able to post as it was my birthday yesterday, I went on holiday in December, I was out in January (January was EVER so busy) My laptop crashed in November and I couldn’t hardly get on in October. If that has cleared everything up then I am EXTREMELLY sorry 😦 Oh and it was my birthday on 6th of February in Feb, Lol, 10!


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