Smoothie Game Inside The All-New Club Fling!

Hello Bin Weevils! 

The excitement at the all-new Club Fling is building up, the new amazement is outstanding and I love the new Club Fling, I just want to point out to our viewers that after the VIP entry party ends, non-members will be able to visit the new Club Fling. The VIP Room is fantastic too, and is a totally wicked area to play games, and chat with your friends! Tycoon Island has now gone, but still can be visited, Bin Weevils has brought the Smoothie Game which was available to play at the Smoothie Shack, but now Bin Weevils has brought it to the VIP Room and is now updated and is a very enjoyable game to play.


I love this Bin-tastic game, what you need to do is give the customers what they asked for, for example, if Tink asked or a Red Smoothie you’ll add to the blender the red fish item and then after place it on the table, you must do this fast as new customers will keep coming in and in! What’s your high-score?

stageWhile your inside the VIP Room at Club Fling, why not enter the stage and show off some of your music skills? You could even create a weevily rock band with your Bin buddies!  The stage is fantastic and it’s epic.

Don’t forget to put on your purple Super Antenna!

oie_transparent (37)


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