Blog Insurance *Application*

Hello Weevils!

I’m sure most of us seen the hackers destroying the most popular blog’s for Bin Weevils online! And I want to stop this by making a free insurance for Bin Weevils blog’s only. We will find out who the hackers are and contact WordPress to convince them to get your blog back.

You might be thinking why do you have to apply? Well the easy answer is because we have limited spaces and we don’t want to spam this blog with comments! Β Please note we only Insure WordPress Blogs!

Well there you are! We shall be sending round a confirmation email to you if we have enough spaces for you. Plus check out this!

We are giving away 5000 Mulch to celebrate the opening of our blog insurance! So when you fill in that form your also in the chance for 5000 mulch.


Harry_xD …. Please like, share and re-blog.


14 thoughts on “Blog Insurance *Application*

  1. Hello Guys πŸ˜€

    Please note I’ve frozen my inbox till I check all applications. Your still able to send though.

    Thank You πŸ˜€


  2. Hello TiNy πŸ˜€
    I’ve seen your blog has been deleted and it hasn’t been registered because when I went to check there’s no bad content it said the authors have deleted this site. So you need to fill in another form with the blog not deleted.


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