Weevily Wonder welcomes XPWINNER6656!

Hello Bin Weevils!

You might know me from other Bin Weevils Fan Sites such as Bin Support, Universal Edits and Bin Weevils Discoveries but now, I am an Author on Weevily Wonder, owned by the Bin-tastic Chip8967! If you don’t know me, here are some facts below that you can learn more about me….

  • I am a proud Bin Weevils Bin Tycoon member
  • I am on level 46, and I am hoping to level up to level 50 at the end of this year
  • I am a proud Bin Weevils blogger reporting all of the latest Bin Weevils news since 2014!

I will be bringing loads of wacky and enjoyable ideas to Weevily Wonder! I will bring Nest Tips, I will also blog about my Bin Weevil and loads of other more stuff to get your hands on!

xpwinner6656binweevils   Gravatar Profile

Above is what my Bin Weevil currently looks like, try to spot me around the Bin-scape and you could be featured on Weevily Wonder! How Bin-tastic is that?

Also, some of you Bin Weevils bloggers may not know this but I own my very own Bin Weevils Fan Blog called Bin Weevils Discoveries, which you must visit! I am currently working on my Bin Weevils Fan Site, to get it all up and running but if you visit it, it would be great!

I hoped you enjoyed this Bin-tastic introduction post of mine, I will be posting more n Weevily Wonder soon!

A Weevily Wonder introduction post made by XPWINNER6656.


67 thoughts on “Weevily Wonder welcomes XPWINNER6656!

  1. Welcome XPWINNER. But Chip I’ve started up blog insurance and if your blog is hacked me and the crew will find out the hackers and convince WordPress to replace it. Application coming today. And I’ve something big to ask you well can you add me as editor because blog insurance needs a page because someone might want it and they can’t find where to get it.


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