Authors Post: Joining Weevily Wonder & Posting.

authorsWeevily Wonder gets a large amount of comments from viewers asking to join our fantastic fan site, before we said please go to the Join Us page and complete the application now it’s changed, we are no longer adding Authors, our Join Us page has now closed. We will be adding two or three Authors when we need to, so please do  ask to join but remember you have to wait. If we say no, then we’ve said no.

Authors on Weevily Wonder are expected to post each week, if you are unable to post please give a reason to me. If you have decided to leave blogging or Bin Weevils, please also inform me too.

Authors are NOT allowed to post What’s New Blog content, I’ve finally come to a decision that we are no longer posting What’s New Blog content because what is the point? Viewers can just simply go over to the What’s New Blog and read it from there, and I do not want What’s New Blog content on this blog, images from the What’s New Blog and perfectly fine but text from the What’s New Blog is no longer allowed, you should be posting original posts, so it’s YOUR words but you are welcome to use Bin Weevils’ Bin-tastic images. This is simply because we do not need a pile of posts which viewers can read on the What’s New Blog, you do not need to post it. If Authors do post it, there posts will be removed.

And again, I shall remind you that I shall pick Authors who have worked hard, and who I feel deserves to be an Editor. We’ve already got one strong Editor and me and Tum will be choosing another Editor very soon.  Our Authors Page will also have a new look with much more information. Have a brilliant Saturday! 


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