Experiencing Other Virtual Worlds: Animal Jam!

ajWeevily Wonder is a Bin Weevils fan site and we do report Bin Weevils news but we do like to experience other fantastic virtual worlds, Animal Jam is a great virtual world for kids where you can explore the massive jungle, adopt pets, meet new friends and chat to your friends, buy clothes for your animals, and play awesome games! Animal Jam is a massive playground where you can learn about nature while playing with your friends, you can also buy awesome Den Items and decorate your own Den. When you sign up to Animal Jam you can choose which jungle animal you want to be, I picked a Tiger and you can choose your username, Animal Jam is very safe and fun just like the world of Bin Weevils! The mini-games in Animal Jam are extremely fun, creative and I really enjoy playing them. With your Gems you collect by playing games, doing your daily spin when you log in daily and loads more around the jungle you can use Gems for buying Den items, clothes, and so much more.

If you would like to check out Animal Jam please click this link, we are not here to criticize Bin Weevils but Animal Jam is going in the right direction, Bin Weevils isn’t. If you play Animal Jam then leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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