Music Fever Has Taken Over!

WHOOP WHOOP! Get the party started!  Music Fever has taken over Weevily Wonder, the Bin Weevils Band are playing live and you can now listen to ”The Great Bin Weevils” while viewing Weevily Wonder, don’t forget each Friday a new song will be released, from Bin Weevils to R&B Weevily Wonder has gone music-tastic!

music month has arrived

Music Fever is totally Bin-tastic! Make sure you stay tuned to Weevily Wonder throughout February for music-fun, giveaways, competitions and so much more!  You can now sing-along to ”The Great Bin Weevils” while viewing, each Friday our Happy Friday post will tell you what new song has arrived!

To sing-along to the music, please click PLAY on the side and bottom of the blog, some cool music will play automatically! Remember we’ve got cool new songs added each Friday!



26 thoughts on “Music Fever Has Taken Over!

  1. I couldn’t make this be a reply but this blog is getting more views. We kneed to advertise it more! If you were old enough and rich ypu could make an advert that would be so cool but I can’t even do that as I am younger than the maximum age.


    • The Great Bin Weevils and thank you, loving singing along while viewing, remember new songs each Friday and to listen to some songs you need to press PLAY on the side and bottom off the blog. 🙂 Thank you.


  2. Wow! What a great musical way to start Weevily Wonders Music Fever promo! Great post Liam! 🙂 I can’t wait to find out what the Mysterious chest holds for all of us viewers! 🙂


    • Thank you Miss, it’s very good right. Thanks for your feedback and we can’t wait to reveal the Mystery Chest! To listen to some music you’ll have to press PLAY on the video on the side off the blog and at the bottom while your viewing pages, some music starts automatically.


      • You are staying on BW right Liam? I have seen some comments saying that you are going to be playing AnimalJam … and quitting BW once your membership runs out?… It’ll be sad for all of us if we learn you might be leaving BW soon. 😦


      • Well I disagree with your opinion about BW, However I respect your opinion. But, Bin Weevils have had an amazing successful year brining so much fantastic fun to all players! They won a BAFTA for their efforts, which they really deserved! & possibly going to win another BAFTA again later on this year!
        In my opinion and other players would say that Bin Weevils Virtual World is ‘simply the best’!
        They haven’t messed up at all, there’s brilliant exciting new things coming up… and I really love playing BW so I would really disagree with you from there. I don’t get what’s your ‘issues’ with BW bud?


      • Bin Weevils have truly messed it all up, before Bin Weevils was a happy virtual world. They have ruined it, they didn’t do nothing at Christmas, they are not doing enough to entertain their players. I can tell you this that they are not going to win this BAFTA. And also, because of their lack off new updates and posting news on their blogs our blog views have dropped.


      • I’m sorry to say this Liam but I totally disagree very much with all of your points! – As I said before… I respect your opinions and views based on BW…. The reason behind why Bin Weevils hasn’t done done many things last Christmas was that they have quite done a lot, there was some new range of fantastic Christmas nest items that we all loved… although there wasn’t much going on around Christmas they could have done more… Don’t say that…. You a bit offended me as A loyal BW player… You never know, if they keep there AMAZING great work up they’ll sure win another BAFTA! 😀 … I don’t want this to lead up to a debate – so I would not like to discuss this any further…


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