Best Nest issue #75 review!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Another Bin-tastic week has gone by and the Nest Inspector has published issue #75 of Best Nest! This week, the Nest Inspector has been really busy picking out loads of nests with a Bin-tastic theme and style! Weevily Wonder would like to show some Bin-tastic Nest Rooms that we have picked out that cached our eye!

Isn’t this in-tastic nest room awesome? This Bin Weevil has used some wide range of Nest Rooms that caught the Nest Inspector’s eye… I really like the Lime Green Shelfs because them Nest Items brighten up your nest and I just love the candles that are on the Circus wall! Well done hf556!

I really love this Nest Room because it has got loads of colour and light. I really enjoy looking at the Bin Weevil-Celebrity Wallpaper because this Nest Room is more of like a Celebrity Themed room packed with loads of Celebrity themed Nest items and I would love to sleep on the Tink and Scribbles’ beds! This Nest Room has got to be my favourite… well done Monty200!

Why don’t you visit Weevily Wonder’s Nest Rooms page, where you can send your Nest Rooms to be put on that page! Creating a Nest Room is very Bin-tastic and you will get to be featured in a chance of being in Best Nest, where you can win exclusive trophy’s!

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