Animal Jam’s Friendship Festival!

This post is not about Bin Weevils, if your not interested or you need Bin Weevils news please scroll down, we like to post about other games we enjoy playing. 

FRIENDAnimal Jam is a great game for kids! During February each year Jamaas celebrate Friendship with a Festival, soon Animal Jam will be decorated with bright Friendship celebration decorations because the Friendship Festival starts this Friday, for now Jamaas can buy some fantastic friendship items, for your Den and friendship clothes items are on sale. The new Friendship Bracelet is a rare item and you can buy it and wear it around Jamaa just like all Animal Jam’s fantastic clothing items, the new Friendship Party is now open for all Jamaas which is packed full of friendship fun, cool areas and seating! You can also buy friendship Den Items from there too. Get your Bin buddies over to your Den, and celebrate the Friendship Festival!

To start exploring Animal Jam, please click here.


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