Which Job Could You do in the Bin?

Hello Bin Weevils,
Here is a copy of a personality quiz from the Bin Weevils Annual 2013.
I have just updated anything that doesn’t fit with the current bin.

1.  What’s your idea of the perfect day?

A. Bin Weevil-watching and writing notes about their weevily antics.

B. Shopping for hats and trying out new looks.

C. I’m usually busy with top secret SWS missions.

2. How would your friends describe you?

A. Gossip King/Queen.

B. Style Icon Extraordinarie.

C. Biggest Bin Brain.

3. What would you most like to achive?

A. Beat my record in my magazines views.

B. I’d like to open my own hat shop.

C. I’d like deafet the WEB.

4. Where do you take your Bin Pet for walks?

A. Anywhere there is some good gossip.

B. To Bin Pet Paradise to try out new looks for my pet.

C. To Castle Gam- my pet is a good sidekick.

5. You spend most your Mulch on:

A. On items that will give me inspiration.

B. My appearance.

C. Gadgets.

Mostly A’s                                                   Mostly B’s                            Mostly C’s

You could be Scribbles,                      You could be Hem,             You could be Gam,

the Bin’s intrepid newshound!             Bin’s style expert!            Leader of the SWS!

job A        job b      job c                                       

A post by avrona


9 thoughts on “Which Job Could You do in the Bin?

  1. Fantastic interesting post Avrona! Useful of you to publish this quiz for those especially don’t have the BW Annual 2013 on them. 🙂


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