Happy Weevily Friday- Issue #6!

Whoop whoop! Welcome Weevily Wonder viewers to another fun packed Friday post! Music Fever has taken over Weevily Wonder and has started with a bang, this issue is packed full of blog news, sneak peeks and all the gossip on the brand new Music Fever which has arrived!

super buddy 4Congrats judisue for winning this week’s Super Buddy, she’s a brilliant Bin buddy who has a fantastic blog called Weevily World! The image above is us at the old Club Fling just before the remodel.

new song 1

As Music Fever has started we add new songs each Friday for you to listen along too! This week’s wicked song is ”Happy’‘ by Pharrell Williams and it’s a great song to sling-along to! Makes you happy all the time, enjoy! Don’t forget you’ve only got until next Friday to listen to this song!

b-day coming soon

NEXT WEEK on FRIDAY will be Chip8967’s real birthday and WordPress Birthday! To celebrate we’ll be hosting a wicked party and we shall be adding decorations all around Weevily Wonder, isn’t that Bin-tastic? Make sure you send all your Birthday cards to binweevilsliam@outlook.com or leave a Lightshot link in the comments!

music fever funMusic Fever has taken over Weevily Wonder! We’ll celebrating all this month with awesome songs from Bin Weevils to other kinds of songs, there’s so much coming your way! You can also listen to cool new songs while viewing our pages and on our home area, Bin-tastic right?

What songs would you like next? Take our new poll on the side of the blog, the wining song will be playing right here on Weevily Wonder! The Bin Weevils Band are playing live just for us!


Weevily friends, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! NEXT FRIDAY the Mystery Chest will open for all Weevily Wonder viewers! Get ready for fun-packed prizes, fun and so much more coming your way next Friday! Can you wait? So now you’ve been given a CLUE, could this be linked to the birthday fun? 

Thank you for reading another Friday post! Have a weevily-wicked half term Bin buddies and don’t forget to enjoy Weevily Wonder all over your half term break from school!

the weevily wonder team


85 thoughts on “Happy Weevily Friday- Issue #6!

  1. Weekly Weevil Blog was one of the world’s worst blogs, and Weevily Wonder is one of the world’s best blogs. Keep going you don’t know one day you could turn into Bill Gates! 😉


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