Gam’s Tales from the Great Bin War

Hello Bin Weevils!

Today the oldest Bin member,  Gam has posted on the What’s New Blog about his weevily tales from the Great Bin War. In today’s post, I will be telling you what his tales are and where you can read it.


Have you been in the Bin for a short time and you want to go back in time? Many of you have asked on the What’s New Blog that you want to hear more from Gam from the olden days and his big adventures.

Well, inside the latest Bin Weevils Mag, you can get your very own sneak peek at it. Hurry up though because it’s the last weekend to grab your mag.


There only in stores around the UK so hurry up before time runs out. Comment here today if you know some of Gam’s Tales from the Great Bin War.

– tinybws 



47 thoughts on “Gam’s Tales from the Great Bin War

  1. No I am not forgiving you because you upset me chip can say that but not you I’m fine with the membership I don’t want to speak.


      • Thanks I love it to for myself. I might be keeping it for a while hopefully but it will be changing for Easter then after Easter it will go back to how it is now 🙂


      • Your improving, once your on here for a month you will improve your blogging, Samfay has really improved and I trained him and now he’s very improved, just remember in comments your commas after thanks Chip it should be a coma. 🙂


  2. Tiny please make sure you tying to use correct grammar in comments, viewers see the comments too and please do not course arguments, please trash comments like that. And please change your name, it’s not BWS it’s BW.


  3. Sorry Twisted, I gave you the wrong link I do apologise, I was ment to show u a Binweevils song link I apologise it was an accident.


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