How To Fix The Image Problem On Weevily Wonder!

As you probably know, we’ve been experiencing problems with our images. Some viewers can not see no images and some can this has got nothing to do with us or WordPress, in fact your browser. As we said Google Chrome is a great browser and is perfect to view Weevily Wonder but then later I had trouble with the images while using Google Chrome.

errorIf you’re using Google Chrome please follow the guide below to fix this, this may work on other browsers so give it a try, please note that the guide is for Google Chrome.

Here’s a guide on how to fix this error:

1) Click your menu area, in the corner and then find ‘‘History’‘ it should be there in the menu area, when you’ve found it click it.


2) When you’ve clicked history, you will see your browser history, click ”Clear browsing data” that’s also where you can clear your Internet cache which you have to clear sometimes for new updates in the Binscape.


3) Once you’ve done that, this is the hard bit. Tick ”Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data” and also tick ‘‘Empty the cache” if you have site data you want to keep, make sure you only have chosen from the past hour, like I did. If you prefer to delete your old site data, then choose from the beginning of time.

clear14) There you go! The images on Weevily Wonder should show, if they don’t show unfortunately we do not know how to resolve it, this may work on other browsers but I would suggest you view and use Google Chrome. If this ever happens again, you know what to do.

Psst: Using Google Chrome? Use the ”find” feature which can be found in the menu area to find words, or codes or other things you’re looking for. That’s really handy if your viewing our secret codes page!



113 thoughts on “How To Fix The Image Problem On Weevily Wonder!

  1. Lol he can hardly scan something at tesco pay yourself so how is he gonna connect the phone. An assistant does the scanning. He thinks the money goes into the credit card machine. Lol 😀


  2. Google Chrome: Help: Viewing by Twisted

    Hey their, It isn’t only this blog that has this problem others too. I’d suggest deleting all your history and updating your chrome or get a new browser. This can depend on which blog you view, on my old blog I couldn’t see an image and it all ot glitches up.


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