Hello Bin Weevils

Starting from today TiNy-weevil will be posting every Sunday Maths questions off the week. I have decided to do this because there has not been any Weekend Puzzle Challenges over the past to weeks. These maths questions will carry on every Sunday until the summer holidays.

Here are the 3 questions today:

  • 346 X 278 =
  • 121 divided by 11
  • 46 + 15 – 25 x 12

To make it fair I will not be doing the top three I will be picking the lucky winners on a name picker so you will have about 25% chance of winning. Good luck. Tomorrow I will be doing a post about the winners of the week.




35 thoughts on “Tiny-Weevil: MATHS QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK #1

      • Because I know because he said on bw it keeps coming up you need to download flash player and it’s already built into chrome books. I think id know a lot about them my older sister has one and I’ve a MacBook.


      • Oh Yh, Plus every time he says I’m on something else he’s not because the IP address is the same. Plus Harry does have a point because I once went on my dads and bin weevils I couldn’t go on.


  1. Hi TiNy-Weevil! 🙂 I have read your post and it is good, but there are some grammar issues in some sentences. The title should be “Tiny Weevil’s MATHS QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK #1”, not “Tiny Weevil MATHS QUESTIONS OFF THE WEEK #1”. Also, there is another “off” when it is meant to be a “of”. Off means switching/turning something off, so try and not get it wrong next time. The phrase “weekend puzzle challenge” has to be “Weekend Puzzle Challenge” and remember not to stick random capital letters. Otherwise, your post is cool! 😉


  2. Guys don’t worry about xpwinner binweevils got the police and I told my dad who is a police man because he is hacking I mean hacking.


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