Have you downloaded the Weevily Wonder Toolbar?

A few weeks ago, we launched our very own cool toolbar! The Weevily Wonder Toolbar allows you to play some awesome games, chat with your friends and be sure to keep checking it for giveaways where you could WIN amazing prizes! You could experience Weevily Wonder right on your browser too, and its FREE and is totally safe! Have you downloaded the official toolbar? To find out more, just click here and you will be transported to the original post to find the link to download it!

toolbar_out now


What do you think of our toolbar? Could we add any features to it? What do you like about it? Share your feedback and thoughts in the comments section on this post!

oie_transparent (64)


15 thoughts on “Have you downloaded the Weevily Wonder Toolbar?

    • It wouldn’t be able to give you any viruses, it is very safe! It may be another program or something you have downloaded from the Internet, not our toolbar. We hope you resolve the issue on your laptop. 🙂


  1. You mean MacBook 😀 Got It Fixed and it came up screencast o matic was the virus they had it up and took it off costed £50 for one Virus! But at least it’s fixed.


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