Tycoon Island Has Gone!

Hello Bin Weevils! 

Today I randomly went to Tycoon Island when I noticed the pipe leading to Tycoon Island was gone, I loved Tycoon Island and I thought it was a great location to go in the Binscape! Make sure you play the awesome Smoothie Game which has moved to the VIP Room inside the new Club Fling.


Do you think this could lead to a new revamped island? Leave your comments below!

Posted by weevi7504, please re-blog!


51 thoughts on “Tycoon Island Has Gone!

  1. Please post normally as in standard template, and I not i, also it should be Tycoon Island not Tycoon island as it’s a name of a place, also maybe the title could be Tycoon Island Has Gone? Please just go over this post, also the bottom should be Posted by weevil7504, please re-blog.


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