Weevily Wonder’s Commenting Rules



  • Do not use bad language, or offensive words. Please keep your comments clean and safe.
  • Do not share your personal information such as, home address, phone number, real name, or age.
  • Do not bully or tease others, please be nice and friendly to all the Weevily Wonder fans and viewers.
  • Do not share rude links, and do not advertise in comments. Sharing rude, and bad links are not tolerated. Please make sure your links are related to WordPress or the Bin Weevils game, do not advertise please.
  • Do not spam.

If these rules are not followed, we will automatically trash your comments and delete them. If you continue to break the commenting rules when commenting we will sadly have to ban your IP Address, then you will not be able to comment on Weevily Wonder. If you really want to comment, and you agree to follow the rules please email weevilywonder@live.com and we shall sort it out for you.

Please carry on commenting your wonderful thoughts! 


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