Last Day To Win!

Hello Bin Weevils! 

Please note this comp has now finshed the winner was hf556

I will be hosting a Bin-tastic competition for 12 XP code,  three nest item code, garden item code. Isn’t that fantastic?

All you need to do is click this link to like the post and comment your Bin Weevil name and email and you will be entered to win all them codes! Have you solved  and Samfay’s Weekly Puzzle? If not weevil over there to win 10 Dosh or 3 Dosh! Competition ends Wednesday.

Comp closes Wednesday 19th February, hurry you only have one more day friends!

Samfay… please like, share and re-blog! 


9 thoughts on “Last Day To Win!

  1. Samfay I edited this post, please look at your post now. That is how your posts should look like, you need to start tagging and adding your post into categories. Samfay there was many errors in this post, please do not copy from another post as yesterday that post needed changing. Also you need to add links, if you look I’ve added a link for you. You should be adding links like that.

    Samfay you have been on Weevily Wonder for a long time, please start posting properly.


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