Pirate Nest Items On Sale At Nestco!

Hello Readers! 

As the Pirate Party is in full swing you might want to buy some pirate nest items to make the perfect pirate themed nest room, all pirate nest items are on sale at Nestco inside the Shopping Mall and there’s plenty to choose from. You could create a pirate Bin Pet room, or a pirate ship bedroom it’s up to you!

pirThere are loads to choose from, look around all the sections of Nestco to see what you can find. Nestco includes so amazing nest items to create the perfect nest room! Don’t forget that there’s some free pirate nest items up for grabs on pirate ship at Mulch Island! ARRRSOME right!?

coolnessPsst: Want to level up fast? The all-new Pirate XP potions are on sale at Nestco, get an instant XP boost when you buy one of the amazing Pirate XP potions. Bin-tastic! You also get an item which goes perfect in a pirate nest room!

Remember to also pick up the Pirate Hats which are on sale at Hem’s Hats inside Dosh’s Palace, you can find the Pirate Party on Mulch Island.

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