BREAKING NEWS: Sidebar updated & Shopping Mall refurbishment!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Earlier this afternoon, some Bin Weevil players may have noticed that you were not able to log in due to some maintenance being carried out in the Binscape! Quickly, rumours began to spread if this could be for the Bin Bank of Dosh or the amazing Arcade that is planned to open very soon! However, it was the totally opposite of what we all thought!

One of the first updates that are quite easy to spot is the brand new sidebar on your player screen! The icons have all been given a fresh new look, as well as a brand new one titled “Shop” where you can click it and you instantly arrive outside the Shopping Mall! I personally find this update quite good actually, but there are some little sections of the sidebar that could be updated, including the camera icon for Bin Tycoons, which is kind of squashed in the back and could not be noticed, so a good white background like most of the others will be good.



Not only that, but the Shopping Mall has been given a new look inside too! Bin Mart has unfortunately been removed and Nestco has taken over instead. Nestco has also been given a whole new look, with the ATM for Bin Tycoons to collect earnings, replacing the site of Bin Mart and fits in quite well to be honest. The whole update is very good, I am really pleased with what the Bin Weevils Team have been up to lately. The Weekend Puzzle Challenge’s disappearance has still not been solved yet, but when we get the scoop, we shall share it with you!



What do you think of the updates? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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25 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Sidebar updated & Shopping Mall refurbishment!

  1. Fab post tum! – You have so much much much MULCH Oh my! How did you save all that? – Let me tell you this you have tons and tons of MULCH than me that’s a fact! 😛


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