New Bin Weevils Advert!

Hello Readers! 

Firstly I would like to inform you that I’m back playing Bin Weevils and blogging, moving on while I was watching Nickelodeon  this morning a Bin-tastic Bin Weevils advert come on… turns out Nickelodeon  has a brand new partnership with Bin Weevils which is great news.

Bin-tastic right? The Bin Weevils world is growing each day! Psst: Click this link to visit the all-new Bin Weevils section on the Nickelodeon website, it’s great fun and there’s so much fun. Did you know? You can now watch funny Bin Weevils cartoons on Nickelodeon! 

oie_transparent (37)


4 thoughts on “New Bin Weevils Advert!

  1. Sames, in my opinion it is one of the best adverts out. I can’t believe buzzy56 actually added a pic of what he looked like in his video.


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