BRAND NEW: Showcase Room And Bundles At Nestco!

Hello Readers! 

Following the Bin-tastic updates last week at Nestco Bin Weevils has added a new section to Nestco called ”Showroom” when you click the section on the main menu you’ll be taken to a screen which shows all the Celebrity Hangout room items which is a nest really, isn’t that Bin-tastic? Click on any item to buy it, or you can buy the whole Celebrity Hangout items as a bundle for 130 Dosh.


My personal favourite is the Celebrity Wallpaper which is Bin-tastic, if you want to buy any item in the nest rather than buying them all as a bundle, just click on an item because you can buy all! The Celebrity Wallpaper costs 18 Dosh by its self. Why not create a room just like that room?

You can also buy on the ”Bundle” section (Which you can find on the Main Menu) a Pink Perfection bundle which is a collection of fantastic pink items to make that perfect pink themed nest room, this bundle costs 50 Dosh which I think is a BARGAIN!

PINKIf you’re looking for a really cheap bundle with cheap nest items, your be happy! Because Bin Weevils has an Essential bundle which is a collection of the basic nest items in the Binscape, this bundle only costs, believe or not 1 DOSH! WOW!

ESSThere’s many, many great bundles, and nest items on sale over at Nestco inside the Shopping Mall, head there now to pick up your bundles and nest items, while your there check out the new Showcase section!

oie_transparent (37)


37 thoughts on “BRAND NEW: Showcase Room And Bundles At Nestco!

  1. Great post, I enjoyed finding out about some extra updates. Please make sure the graphics for Weevil Dance are completed by Thursday or Friday next week, so we can get ready!


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