There’s Still A Chance To Vote Weevily Wonder In The Bin Weevil Company Awards!

Have you voted Weevily Wonder in the Bin Weevils Company Awards 2014? If you haven’t yet don’t worry, simply click this link to start voting for your best Bin Weevils blog and best weevil, Weevily Wonder and Chip8967 is in these awards so keep voting!

vote ww

Weevily Wonder would be honoured to be your favourite Bin Weevils fan site for 2014 and we are very honoured to be part of the Bin Weevil Company Awards! Keep voting and let’s keep our fingers crossed.


26 thoughts on “There’s Still A Chance To Vote Weevily Wonder In The Bin Weevil Company Awards!

    • Hi, are you talking about this site? We needed to close Weevily Wonder for a short time to test things, and actually we changed the background and updated our widgets section. And also, I’m not sure why Eddzy deleted his site.


  1. Awesome post, I can’t wait until the Arcade might or will come to Weevily Wonder 🙂 There are so much updated and also, no-one is viewing Bin Weevils Discoverers and Weevily Wonder is good to get inspiration from! You should also visit my page, (link removed)

    I worked very hard on that page and I was around in the Old Bin because I started Bin Weevils in 2006 and I went to Inks Orange Peel 🙂


    • Hi, awesome! thank you and yes Weevily Wonder is good to take inspiration from. And the Arcade is very exciting, it’s on pending review. And also please do not advertise in comments, thank you!


      • Yes, I am starting an Arcade’s page on Bin Weevils Discoverers and I really don’t know where to get the Arcade links and I really don’t know why the SWF’s doesn’t link into WordPress’s pages. Although, you must provide a link on WordPress pages and the SWF’s work on sites like Weebly, etc… 🙂


      • I’m currently learning how to code, and create SWF’s in Weeby, I can’t help you as I don’t know myself. But I’m sure if you search it on Google you’re get help.


      • Yes. 🙂 (name removed) knows how to code as I will ask him. Have you checked out (name removed)’s blog yet? It is really awesome! (line removed) and if you click on the codes page extension, he has linked the site as the Bin Weevils Wallpaper site 😉


      • It’s awesome, and the Bin Weevils Wallpaper site isn’t new it’s been around for ages. And also he’s blog is good and please do not advertise again, thank you!


      • Sorry for advertising, I didn’t realise. 😦 Also, if you visit my glitches page on my blog, there will be a glitch on how to get to level 65 soon, I done that on my weevil XPWINNER6656 and I levelled up to level 61 but when you log out, your level will go back to normal and you will need 1200000000000 XP 🙂


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