A Look Inside: Chip8967’s Nest Rooms!

Hello Readers! 

Yesterday I finally completed all my nest rooms, and I’ve submitted them to the Nest Inspector and I’m hoping for a Sliver or Gold Bin Nest Trophy. I’ve worked very hard on my nest rooms and I never submitted them last time because I wanted my nest rooms to be perfect, and I’m going to show you them all in today’s post.


This nest room is my lounge nest room, I’m hoping to either get into Best Nest with this nest room or get a Sliver or Gold award for my nest! This room is made up from red colours, yellow and gold colours and looks very bright and it’s a Bin-tastic nest room.

pirate room1

This room is my best’s pirate nest room. as you can see this room is pirate themed and is packed full of mix and match nest rooms, the Treasure Chests and the Pirate Tables sure make this nest room more ARRRSOME. best loves this room and so do I!

party nestThis is my Bin-tastic party nest room, I posted about this nest room recently on Weevily Wonder but I’ve added a few more things to this room. As you can see I used white often and included many party food items and treats, and the plate of cake nest item is a code and can be found on our codes page

pirate nest room2This is my 2nd pirate nest room, this room has many mix and match nest items and the Nest Inspector loves rooms which have character, and have different items all mixed and matched. I included many pirate nest items which are on sale at Nestco and the Medieval Fireplace is from the Bin Weevils Magazine.

random room

This nest room is just my random nest room, as you can see this room is a mixed and match nest room with items from old Bin parties, items from codes and it’s all mixed and matched. I’ve included many items which are on sale at Nestco too.

kitchen nest roomThis room is my island kitchen nest room, I posted about this Bin-tastic nest room on Weevily Wonder a while ago and I’m very pleased of this room, this nest room is my kitchen nest room and is full of kitchen nest items and even mixed and match nest items. The Nest Inspector loves these types of nest rooms too.

dance fever roomThis is my Tycoon Dance Fever nest room, this room was created while Tycoon Dance Fever was going on. I like this nest room but to be honest it’s not my favourite, as we come to the end of my nest rooms I thought I would show this one as it includes some rocking nest items.

Thank you for reading my Look Inside post, I’m very pleased with all my nest rooms and I hope I get into Best Nest for my second time, or earn a Sliver or Gold award from the Nest Inspector. Please comment what you think in the comments section! 

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63 thoughts on “A Look Inside: Chip8967’s Nest Rooms!

  1. Great work Chip! Thanks for sharing all your amazing cool ideas.. Avrona as Chip said the cameras can take a while at beginning of each mth! Oh btw .. On STORM GIRL i got 10 bronzes before a Silver.. But on my other i got straight bronze to silver to golds! So it can be done ~ keep trying and another tip is lights ~ they add so much to a room and also help your nest rating go up! Good luck all x


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