Animal Jam: Jammer Snaps!

This post isn’t about Bin Weevils, if you would like Bin Weevils news and gossip please scroll down, I posted my nest rooms and you can take a look by scrolling down! We love to post about games we enjoy.

danceAnimal Jam is a great game for kids! For my birthday I got an Animal Jam membership and it’s worth the money, I enjoy playing Animal Jam more than Bin Weevils and in today’s post I shall be showing you me and my best buddies on Animal Jam dancing away, you can see it on the side! On Animal Jam you can buy different Animals, the Eagles have just arrived in Jamaa and some Animals are on sale at the Diamond Shop for members, but the Wolfs and other animals cost 1,000 Gems! On Animal Jam you can go to so many parties, they are on all the time and Animal Jam is always full of fun, mysteries and adventure!

To check out Animal Jam, please click here! To add me on Animal Jam, or to come and see my awesome Den my username is akachip8967 and in the picture I’m Junior Articwolf!


11 thoughts on “Animal Jam: Jammer Snaps!

      • Yup, I didn’t post on it and nobody was viewing it but now, I’m working on the whole site and it’s going to be awesome! 🙂


      • I won’t copy, I will just get a little inspiration from your pages and posts! 🙂 I wish the Old Bin was back 😦


      • Good for you! But sometimes inspiration could be copying ideas, and to be honest people need to move on, the old Bin is old and never will come back.


      • But the Old Bin was awesome, I remember Inks Orange Peel and when you started Bin Weevils, there was a pop-up on the map saying “What would you like to do?” and there were all of the Bin-tastic games there like Weevil Wheels, etc… there was also this Mystery Teleporter in your nest and sometimes, it could of transported you to Inks Orange Peel where it exactly transported me too. I could of took some pictures but I didn’t have LightShot at that time 😦 R.I.P Old Bin


      • That isn’t true, that was there for new players, not all the time. And also the old Bin was not awesome in my opinion and some people just make up they were in the old Bin and just go on the internet and just get facts from there. Like ”somebody” I know.


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