Chip8967 Earns A Sliver Bin Nest Award!

Hello Readers!

Today I logged into Bin Weevils and saw that I earned a Sliver Bin Nest Trophy from the Nest Inspector, I’m very happy to win a Sliver award for my nest as I’ve won many Sliver awards, maybe next time I might earn a Gold Bin Nest Trophy?

SLIVER-AWARDI’m very proud of my nest rooms, if you would love to see all my nest rooms please click this link to be taken to my look inside post, you’ll get to see all my rooms and they are sure Bin-tastic!

oie_transparent (37)


47 thoughts on “Chip8967 Earns A Sliver Bin Nest Award!

  1. Your welcome, you should be proud of yourself. I haven’t got anything yet but I’m still working. It takes me weeks to get trophy’s, I am going to ask miss pretty if she can be very generous and help. I don’t focus on the trophy’s that much I just like my rating for example Getting Glittzy to go up. ( I am not actually getting glitzy


    • Hi Twisted, when you first send your Bin Nest to the Nest Inspector you’ll earn a Bronze award, you must have a number of Bronzes before you can get Sliver and to get Sliver to takes time and effort, you need to follow themes, have expensive Dosh items and to get the camera first of all you need to have your Nest Coolness high, invite weevils to your nest, make your nest rooms packed (not too packed!)

      Please ask Misspretty for nest help, she’s are nest expert! Our Nest Rooms page may help you but we are developing a new Nest Rooms page with better content.


  2. Well done Chip! 🙂 By the way Twisted, Miss did say she will be creating her own page and launching it soon. Stay tuned!


  3. Most schools are the same, everyday, we changed it from every day to once a week but we have to do reading everyday obviously.


  4. Your very kind nobody’s really said that before. We do mental maths and 99 Club. 99 questions in 5 Mins. I don’t live near my school tough.


  5. Don’t worry you’ll get there soon. I moved down in maths tough to the lower table. We don’t have desks but tables of 6.


  6. Cool, we have levels, I am a year 5 and 5A for English 4 A for maths. It’s from (A-C) so C is lower and A is lower. I’m supposed to be a 4C in maths and English but almost a six. Maths is boring!


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