Happy Weevily Friday- Issue #8!

Hiya Weevily Wonder fans, welcome to another blog-tastic issue of our Happy Friday! And also, we hope you had an awesome week! This issue is packed, also we’ve got an AWESOME Music Fever competition which is here! We’ve also got a new Super Buddy winner!

Throughout this week, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section! Be sure to email weevilywonder@live.com for help, have a nice time reading this wicked post!

compMusic Fever is coming to an end! But it’s not ending without a BANG, whoop whoop! The official Music Fever competition is HERE! Calling all Weevily Wonder fans and viewers, this is the time to win, win, win!

For a chance to win 10 FREE Dosh, 5,000 FREE Mulch, 2 exclusive nest item codes from the Bin Weevils Magazine, all you need to do is answer the following question correctly:

Where are the Bin Weevils Band when the Big Bin Weevils Music Video starts?

A) Club Fling

B) Shopping Mall

c) Flum’s Fountain

Got the answer? Music lovers, comment your answer in the comments section on THIS POST! The winner will be randomly selected, please do not provide your email address in the comment.

super buddyCongrats Mango! You’ve won this week’s Super Buddy, Mango is such an amazing buddy, who loves to read her buddies’ magazines, and loves to hang out with them! Are you Chip8967’s buddy? This could be YOU!

music fever finalMusic Fever is ending soon on Weevily Wonder, it’s your last chance to join into the Dance Party! Starting next week, you will be able to listen to cool new songs EACH DAY from Monday, and there will be many Music Fever fun starting Monday, maybe the Mystery Chest is going to burst open!?

music fever winning songWe asked you to vote in our Music Fever poll, and the wining song is TIMBER! You can now listen to Timber while viewing Weevily Wonder, don’t forget all next week, each day new songs will be added for you to join in and dance too!

VOTE USMake sure you get over to the Bin Weevil Company Awards to vote for your favourite Bin Weevils website, Weevily Wonder! We need all our viewers to vote for us and make us No.1! Click here to start voting, and make us win!

bin botsA new Bin Bots page (By Weevily Wonder’s brand new 2nd co-owner, Eddzy) is arriving soon to Weevily Wonder, this new page will feature Bin Bot facts, combinations, info and loads more cool things!

top gameHave you played the awesome game Duck Soaker? Head over to the awesome new Arcade outside Flem Manor to try it out, remember to keep voting for the games you like as the least voted games will be replaced!

Have a great weekend Weevily Wonder viewers! Make sure you comment on this post in the comments section below, we are very close to 10.000 views! Goodbye, for now!

the weevily wonder team


141 thoughts on “Happy Weevily Friday- Issue #8!

  1. Super post! πŸ˜€ I really enjoyed reading it, I hope the Mystery Chest opens very soon. We have waited for weeks! It will be worth the wait though. πŸ™‚


  2. I liked that post, I’m your buddy can I be featured. ( my weevils name is 2Y4 but you can include twisted in the issue.)


  3. I didn’t want to name him silly in a rude way, in a funny way. Well, I will not laugh or try to laugh or make a joke again.


  4. Your graphics are coming bigger and better which is great, another Bin-tastic Happy Friday from you πŸ™‚ I enjoyed listening to the song ‘Happy’ but unfortunately it wasn’t chosen by everyone as their favourite song 😦


    • Hi Eddzy, thank you ever so much. Happy was not last week’s but the last week before, we add new song each Friday but all next week a new song will be added each day, maybe Happy might come back? And are you excited for the upcoming things, I hope we win the Bin Weevil Company Awards, we won’t. 😦


      • Keep your fingers crossed that you will or as they say keep you antenna crossed, LOL πŸ™‚ Seeming as Weevily World hasn’t been entered into the awards, you have a likely chance of winning because Weevily Wonder is amazing!! πŸ˜€


      • Thanks Eddzy, we are actually putting in more effort to win than any other fan site, personally I think Weevily Wonder has the best graphics a Bin Weevils Blog has ever had, not to be bragging.


      • Yours are good too, Weevily Wonder is doing a great job, we are so close to 10,000 views I can’t believe it! I do put effort into this blog.


      • I have a few images of Bin Bots that have a transparent background so they can be edited into any picture, I was wondering if you would like a few of those images πŸ™‚ I’ll be using them for a picture on my upcoming Bin Bots page.


      • I’m trying to make Weevily Wonder a simple blog, I started on the guides have you noticed I changed that, and also just trying to get rid of useless pages. πŸ™‚ I must update some, the About Us page had the wrong info, I haven’t updated it in a while and I did today.

        I’ve made you an admin, I’m really sorry for your blog. But your always welcome to Weevily Wonder, and just like Tum, you can work with me!


      • I’ve had enough of a blog which copies, I’ve just had enough, I just saw a blog which has copied my Music Fever, my Mystery Chest idea and just changing it to a Mystery Volcano, 😦


      • Maybe we could have a Weevily Wonder Nest Rooms or Gardens website which is hosted by Weebly so we can explain more about the nest rooms or gardens? πŸ™‚


      • Sounds exciting, maybe? Eddzy, if you would like, you could revamp our Nest Rooms page, I know your working hard on the Bin Bots page. πŸ™‚


    • Hi Twisted, I’m sorry for the arguing earlier today. That will never happen again, buddy. πŸ™‚ Shall we meet up on Bin Weevils tomorrow, I might get a picture. Hint, hint. πŸ™‚


  5. Hey Chip nice to see you again I think it was Club Fling I love the post and best of all I am joining back blogging on Thursday!


  6. Hello Chip8967, my behaviour was inappropriate and just forget about it. I usually on the bin in the morning or afternoons.


  7. O, I’m usually in Dirt or Grime so it depends o what bins are full. I don’t login in grime that much because it freezes sometimes.


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