St Patrick’s Day Items On Sale At Nestco!

Hello Readers!

St Patrick’s Day is coming up! Go green with the new Bin-tastic St Patrick’s Day items which are on sale at Nestco; these items are perfect to create a green-tastic St Patrick’s Day nest room. There’s also a fantastic GO GREEN bundle waiting for you!  Weevil along over to Nestco inside the Shopping Mall to pick them up!

As I come from Ireland, and I have an Irish Accent I can tell you that in Ireland this is a massive celebration, we have huge dinners, green decorations and streets by now will be decorated with green decorations, it’s a big celebration for Ireland!

dpWhy not change your weevil look to GREEN for St Patrick’s Day? Bin Tycoons, head to the Weevil Changer to get a Bin-awesome green look! A perfect way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

oie_transparent (37)


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