Bin-tastic BinCard Puzzle Prize!

Hello Readers!

Stamping your BinCard daily gives you extra weevily rewards, including puzzle pieces! When you collect a puzzle piece you will be able to complete puzzles, there’s different puzzles and when you collect each puzzles you’ll earn an exclusive nest item.

The Doughnut Chandelier can only be find by completing the Dinning Dash puzzle by collecting all the pieces from your BinCard! This item is Bin-tastic and is perfect for party themed room!


Collect puzzle pieces to complete puzzles, right now I’m currently on BinCard #12 and remember there’s only 16 BinCards so once you’ll on that BinCard you can collect all the puzzle pieces and get the exclusive items!

oie_transparent (37)


15 thoughts on “Bin-tastic BinCard Puzzle Prize!

    • Twisted, you’ve taken the image down. And yes we can, we just got a notification with your blog link, informing us there’s copied content, we processed all images so they are all protected! Please do not lie, you’ve taken the image down.


    • The copied image was the Bin Pet image on the bottom of your About Us page, and we have prove. Please do not take our images, and we got a direct link to that page and we saw our image.

      Whenever someone copies us, we get a notification, including the blog name and link.


  1. Oh, ok I understand. Sme of the images on this blog belong to bin weevils so thatis why I copied it. Also I haven’t copied the name of my codes page as I thought of it first. Yours was Bin Weevils Secret codes.


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